Stonyboater Paddle Wax is the original paddle sports wax.

Our formula is the choice of professional kayakers, dragon boat teams, rafters, river guides, and recreational boaters the world over.

Like other pro-level kayakers, we used smelly, messy, surf-wax products for years because they were the only option around.  But in 2007, we sought out to create a better, cleaner, safer paddle grip product .

The problems with surf-wax are that it melts easily when placed under the normal rigors of paddling , and requires multiple applications throughout the day. When paddling, the wax is under constant heat and pressure from your hands causing it to melt. It's even worse when left in a hot car. And as it cools and dries, the wax becomes brittle and flakes off.

The Stonyboater Paddle Wax’s formula has a melting point above 159°F enabling it to resist the melting and cooling cycle common to the microcrystalline and paraffin based products created by the competition.

Our product is produced with 100% natural ingredients. Its formula has been proven to reduce the occurrence of calluses on the hands and can be safely used for other applications to the skin.

Our name – Stonyboater comes from one of our favorite paddling spots  –  the Stonycreek River in Johnstown, PA.  The city was recently named one of the top five places to live in the country for whitewater boating by American Whitewater, and hosts over a dozen whitewater rivers, creeks, and a variety of options for flat water paddling.

We're devoted to growing the sport of kayaking, developing environmentally safe and innovative paddle sports products, and to growing our independent network of dealers. Explore the site. Learn more about the absolute best grip-enhancing wax available for any type of paddling, where to find it, or why you should be carrying it in your store.