CheatFest 2015 In Review

We had a great time at CheatFest 2015. The river, the people and the weather couldn't have been more friendly.

Stonyboater was staked out between DEMSHITZ and Black Fly Canoes. Awesome festival neighbors, to say the least. And the corn hole boards out in front of the tents were the icing on the cake. Folks were coming by to play all day.

All the while, we were meeting all the great people that stopped by the tent to say hello. There were some interesting moments when Stonyboater initiates were preaching the gospel to new customers. It's always great to see how much boaters love our wax!

2015-05-02 22.37.29
Ancient Stonyboater Paddle Wax from 2008

One fella that stopped by had some of our wax from 2008! When we first got started, Stonboater paddle was came in HUGE pucks. His has lasted all this time...though now it's a much more manageable site. It's awesome to see that after all these years, the wax is still going strong! Gnarly on all levels.

We've got plenty more festivals to hit before the summer is through. The next stop for Stonyboater is the Stonycreek Rendezvous on May 15, 16 and 17. We hope to see you there!