Stonyboater Paddle Wax: The original paddle wax.

Our original, 100% natural formula is the choice of professional kayakers, rafters, river guides, recreational boaters all over the world. Customers rave about how much they love the product, and those that don't wax are easily converted. Stonyboater Paddle Wax is a great paddling accessory upsell, and accessory sales are the highest profit margin areas in paddle-sports.

Why Stonyboater Paddle Wax might be a good fit for your shop:

Highest Level Consumer Satisfaction. Our pros and amateur paddlers love our wax and consistently rate it higher than any competing grip product. An improved grip leads to better strokes, better bracing, better rolling, and a longer day on the water due to less fatigue. The first time your customers use the product they will notice an immediate difference with their first strokes.

Dealer & Brand Support. Stonyboater has consistently supported and promoted our retailers since day one. By providing fun, engaging marketing strategies, promoting paddle-sports events, and tapping into online and real world kayaking networks, we are committed to maintaining a strong, universal brand via continual sponsorship of events and athletes, advertising in magazines, trade publications, and paddle sports web sites.

Get In On The Natural BUZZ. Our product is 100% NATURAL and appeals to the fastest-growing market segment in any industry: The  environmentally conscientious consumer base. Our primary ingredient is beeswax. Over 70% of consumers are aware of the issues affecting the bee population. Purchasing our product supports a healthy bee population here in the U.S. as the majority of our wax is produced by domestic apiaries. Bee products are proven to be good for the skin and have healing and restorative properties.

Multi-Discipline Consumer Base. Anyone who uses a paddle or oar can realize the performance and health benefits: Whitewater Kayaking,  Canoeing,  Sea Kayaking,  Crew/Rowing,  Rafting,  Dragon Boat Racing,  Surf Kayaking,  Stand-Up Paddling...

Easy Sale. Through our sales and marketing research with our flagship retailers (Riversport School of Paddling, Wilderness Voyageurs, Adventure Sports Center International),  StonyboaterPaddle Wax has proven to be an easy suggestive sell to anyone purchasing a kayak or canoe paddle for flat-water or whitewater recreation. Benefits are easily and quickly explained and demonstrated. Stonyboater Paddle Wax is the most affordable and immediate positive impact you can make on your paddling skills.

Easy Ordering. Our private online dealer pages allow for quick, easy reordering. Once you've been set up, simply login to your portal to get special pricing and discounts.

If you're in any paddle-sports industry, then you should be carrying Stonyboater Paddle Wax. We're committed to providing our retailers the highest quality, environmentally friendly paddle sports accessories at a price that will allow you to add significantly to your profit margins.

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